Apart from the numerous places to visit, if you want to make your stay at Farm Chiusulelle even more enjoyable you can take a variety of activities depending on the season and go for long and beneficial  walks and excursions along the paths of  ‘Old Cilento’ among  art, sports and culture.

Some of the activities:

  • Hay harvest (May)
  • Preparation of conserves and sauces typical of Cilento area(all year)
  • Snacking on the camps (April)
  • Grape Harvest Festival (October)
  • Crop of white fig (August)
  • Olive harvest (October-November)
  • Discos, pubs, spectacular events, festivals (all year)
  • Trekking and walking (all year)
  • Guided tours (spring / summer)
  • Horse riding (spring / summer)
  • Patronal festival celebration (spring / summer)
  • Processing of buffalo D.O.C. mozzarella cheese (all year)
  • Underwater fishing (Summer)
  • Sightseeing tours by boat along the coast of Cilento (Summer)
  • Bathing (May / September)
  • Canoe through the river or sea (May / September)
  • Hang-gliding and paragliding (all year)
  • mountain (all year)
  • Departures by hydrofoil (from the port of Agropoli) to Naples, Salerno, Capri, Amalfi and Cilento Coast. . http://www.metrodelmare.com/    (Summer)


Some Paths:

  • The path of Albero Centenario/Century Tree (Ogliastro C.to –Prignano / time 4-5h)
  • High way of Mount Stella (Acqua del Ceraso / time 3h30’)
  • Ring of Mount Stella (path stages))
  • Path of the sirens: the coast (S.Marco di Castellabate/ time 5h30’)
  • Circuit Punta Tresino (lago – S.Maria di Castellabate/ 4h30’)
  • The mill valley (Valle cilento/ 5h)
  • Cicerale and the village of Corbella (fiume Corbella –Cicerale /2h)
  • I casali della socia (Ortodonico-cosentini /2,5 -5h)
  • Tour of the villages, monasteries and castles (Laureana-Rutino-Torchiara /4 6h)
  • From Montecorice to Case del conte (Montecorice/ 1h30’)
  • From Serramezzana to Agnone (Serramezzana/ 2,5 3h)
  • From Caselvelino to Acciaroli (Caselvelino Celso Pollica / 2 5H)


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