Contrada Chiusulelle - Eredita
Ogliastro Cilento (SA) - Tel 0974 833 211
Cell. +39 338 8787529 - +39 335 8746249

The cooking of the farm vacation Chiusulelle will allow you to taste a wide range of delicious wine and food, local products and recipes handed down from centuries of tradition. Unique Cilento dishes of a fine cuisine, reinterpreted through the local raw materials protected by the DOP, DOC, IGP certification, enclose the spirit of the Mediterranean diet.

You can also delight with our own production of oil, wine, jams, in oil products, sauces and Cilento figs, making the safe company a dispensation of genuineness and goodness.

Some typical products of Cilento:

Cilento goat meat, IGP Peastum artichoke, Campania buffalo meat, IGP Felitto fusillo (spiral shaped pasta), goat cheese, Manteca cheese, IGP Roccadaspide brown (chestnut), DOP buffalo mozzarella cheese, DOP Cilento extra vergin oil, DOC Castel S.Lorenzo wines, Cilento DOP white fig, DOP Cilento Caciocavallo Podalico (hard smooth or strong pear shaped cheese), Cicerale chickpeas, Controne beans, Vatolla onions, IGP Giffoni hazelnuts.

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